Katherine Hood

Certified Diabetes Prevention Health Coach

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My Teacher Intro

I am a certified personal trainer, life coach, and health coach specializing in preventing type two diabetes. My passion is preventing type 2 diabetes. I support and educate my clients on creating a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the awful side effects of diabetes. My courses range from how to gain control of your blood glucose levels to embracing a whole new way of life with balance and joy.

Qualifications & Experience

Certified Health Coach HCI
Certified Life Coach HCI
Mastery Level Health Coach HCI
Certified to facilitate the DPP from the CDC (Diabetes Prevention Program)
Certifed Personal Trainer


Where to start with Pre-Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes

Tips, suggestion, support bonus materials to help understand diabetes and start the journey of a healthy lifestyle.

Become Calorie Wise (Type2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetics)

Simple easy explanation of calories, how they affect blood sugars, how to make small changes that make a great impact.

Time Management to a Healthy Lifestyle

How to make and create the time and space to become healthier.

Balanced Eating Lifestyle with Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes

How to eat healthy and make it a lifestyle

Preventing Self Sabotage & Lose Weight

No matter your reasoning for self-sabotage, if you don’t do something about it, you'll live a life full of regrets.

Mindful Eating 101

Become more aware and on purpose while eating and in life

Navigating the Holidays in a Healthy Way

How to plan ahead and make good healthy choices this season to stay on track with their health.