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My Teacher Intro

Hello everyone, my name is Lance Davis aka “Mr.D”. I am happily married and have 3-boys including a set of twins. I have an Associate of Applied Science degree from Ashworth College and a Bachelor of Science degree from Liberty University, both in Criminal Justice. I am retired from being a law enforcement officer after twenty-two years and decided that I want to just concentrate on my 2nd career of teaching which I have done full-time the last 5-years. I have several hobbies which are: (1) Sports, along with collecting Sports Cards since I was 11-years old, (2) Learning and teaching Criminal Justice & Social Studies related material, and (3) Being outdoors and enjoying family time on our farm.
I am a very humorous person and so I love to add humor in my teaching on a daily basis which in turn almost always gets a positive reaction from my students. I will be teaching the following classes and possibly others in the future: Introduction to Law Enforcement, Shocking Crimes in America, Forensic Science/Crime Scene Investigation, Social Studies Investigator, Financial Literacy (Educating students on the financial world), and a Sports Card Collecting class.
My style of teaching is simple. Depending on the class, you will either get power point slides or documents before the class to help you prepare for what I am about to teach. You will follow along and fill in the blanks as we go or you will be taking notes, or both. I do ask that you keep your camera on in all my classes. I like to see who I am talking to and receiving a response from, plus I do this for security reasons. All of my classes will be U.S. Central Time.
I am blessed to be able to enjoy both of the careers I set out to do at an early age and my hope for you is to learn and enjoy class as much as I love to teach it. Thank you!

Qualifications & Experience

I taught Criminal Justice & Financial Literacy from 2016-2020 for a University Career Center. I retired from law enforcement after 22-years and while I was in it, I attained the ranks of corporal, sergeant, lieutenant (patrol supervisor), and currently, major (advisor & instructor of a law enforcement explorers program). I was a department instructor where I taught individual and police academy classes. I also hold an Associate of Applied Science & Bachelor of Science Degree, both in Criminal Justice.


Introduction to U.S. Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice

In this 10-Week/20-Day Introductory class, students will learn the basics of the Law Enforcement field.

Sports Card Collecting (Baseball, Football, & Basketball)

In this 1-time class, you will learn the basics on collecting and selling sports cards.