Michelle Hatcher

Celebrity Publicist to Carole Middleton And PR Expert

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Joined October 2020

My Teacher Intro

Enthusiastic about Celebrity Public Relations, I have worked in the high profile industry for almost 10 years, working on some of the most historic events in recent times such as the London Olympics to working with notable TV celebrities, as well as Carole Middleton, the press and prestigious business owners. I will give you insights to the world of high profile PR, show you how I moved into this industry after shifting careers dramatically and how I have built a strong reputation in the media. I bring fun, humour and story telling to my courses, giving each student engaging material and something memorable to take away with them which will boost their confidence in this field and give them the tools to build their own PR and Marketing consultancy.

Qualifications & Experience

I have 10+ years experience in working in high profile PR and Communications, often seeing me heading and presenting educational information to both private businesses, clients and the public. The two highlights of my career were planning and presenting the Surrey 2012 Team's public information evenings across the county ahead of the extensive road closures. I personally delivered these sessions to almost 1 million people in total! The Team were up against a lot of opposition from residents and businesses who were going to be severely affected by four days of closures. I also devised the presentations for the Surrey's Got Talent courses and the Surrey School Games over 2011 and 2012.

As publicist during the following years, I lead a team of promoters who supported and raised the public profile for over 100 small craft and vintage businesses as well as performers, entertainers and musicians through the very popular Vintage Eye Magazine. As Editor in Chief, it was my role to not only present and edit the publication but to direct the best possible way for a wide range of creatives to grow their public personas.

During my spare time (where I could) I took diplomas in life coaching, business coaching, NLP (I travelled to Seattle for this) and CBT all of which helped me write books and course material about my experiences in business and parenting my son who has Autism.

More recently, I was approached by Carole and Mike Middleton to be their Head of PR and Communications, seeing me become the private publicist for Ms Middleton. During this time, I worked closely with senior individuals at Kensington Palace, international and national media responding to everything from crisis management to in-bound requests for charity work, media interviews and public appearances.

With all this experience, I have had to master clear and concise communication and presentation skills, even under pressure and in front of very important people from politicians to the media. It is a field I am very passionate about and I believe I have a lot of unique knowledge to share with others so that they can aspire to work a field that very few people get the chance to work in. I would love to teach about PR and Marketing! Particularly for people wanting to shift careers or find confidence to work in a more public focused industry.


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