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My Teacher Intro

Hi, my name is Natascha. For the moment now I live somewhere in Germany.

I was long-term travelling and during that time I became a Dive Instructor and I made my addiction to my profession and pass on my passion to diver newbies and show the incredible underwater world. I find it extremely rewarding when I share my knowledge with others and see people grow.

Besides this I am also a certified Emergency First Response Instructor. I first encountered this subject area in my early youth as part of my work in the youth fire brigade and later also in the voluntary fire brigade. The topic of first aid influences me so much that I was always a first aider at my workplace.

Before I was travelling & diving I worked over 14 years in the finance sector. I have a Master in Business Management, and I was a Risk Manager for a big international bank, responsible for three different countries. I worked in international projects, set up governance frameworks and risk models for the company, introduced new tools and transferred knowledge and gave best practice advice in a collaborative way to employees and made them fit for new challenges the bank was facing.

Even those two positions, Dive Instructor and Risk Manager, are so different, they gave me the chance to combine very essential skills, like excellent interpersonal, intercultural, and strong communication skills. Furthermore, I need to be engaging, well-organized and problem solving in each of these positions, and I am a person taking the initiative, with patience, and I have a great adaptability and leadership personality, which helps me with challenges I am facing.

My extraordinary life journey has provided me with the expert knowledge and experience to teach my classes ‘Building confidence – Increase your willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency’, ‘Seek adventure. Open your heart and mind- The basics of diving’ and ‘Adventure doesn´t have to wait – How to prepare for a long-time travel’

CPR & First Aid:
Many people are very reluctant to give first aid for fear of doing something wrong. I want to encourage my students and build their confidence to make a difference in someone's life which goes far beyond knowledge. Course participants learn simple to follow steps for emergency care and practice applying skills in a non-stressful learning environment.

This course focuses on knowledge development to understand basic principles of scuba diving. I create a splish splash experience for your introduction course on the dry deck.

Long-term travel
When I made my decision to break off my life here in Germany and go on a long-term trip, I was faced with some challenges. Many organizational measures must be taken to start well and prepared in the new life experience. In this course I explain the necessary steps, the challenges and how to overcome them.

I think life is too short for complicated things and doing them maybe later or sometimes. That´s why my main philosophy is to keep things simple. Complex and complicated topics I explain in an easy to understand language. Everyone should have fun, which is essential for learning, and it should be relevant for my students. That´s why I design my courses in a positive, upbeat environment. All my knowledge, personal experience, and for sure my passion, I share. I am a patient, fun-loving person and this is adapted into my teaching style. I always try to make things fun and interactive, and ensure that there is comprehension within the learning. I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams, because anything is possible.

Qualifications & Experience

Over 14 years experience in the international financial & banking sector.

Open Water Scuba Instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor.


Building Confidence in First Aid & CPR

Focus of this class is to increasing your willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency and provide CPR & First Aid.

Open your heart and mind for the basics of diving

This is a short introduction to diving. I pass on some knowledge of basic skills and techniques before you attempt that first dive (or a first dive after a long time).

Start your Adventure - How to prepare for a long-term travel

This class will show you the steps you have to take before you can go for a long-term travel or live as a digital nomad.

Digital appeal- How to design your killer dating app profile

This course will teach you how to design the perfect profile on a dating platform.

Private Tuition with Natascha

Private Tuition with Natascha to talk about life changers

CPR Taster Class

A 30 minute interactive taster class to show you the basics of CPR.

Taste the scuba dive

A 30 minute interactive taster class to talk about the basics of scuba diving.