Nina-Christin Budija

Full of Anticipation and Curious About Experiences

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Joined December 2020

My Teacher Intro

I chose to teach, because I want to pass on what I have learned from other teachers but also what I would have liked. It makes me happy to see people evolve and I was part of it.
The Yoga classes are right for me because I just enjoy teaching what I do and what I love. I think if people do something good for their health it also makes them better persons in other areas of life. I prepare for every course as good as I can and I can adapt myself very fast to new situations.
I want to teach Yoga, 2 different kinds:
1. YIN YOGA -> Yin Yoga is a very decent yoga style, very calm and very good if people already have health issues. We stay in the postures for 3-5 minutes and only go to 60% (max.) of extensibility. I like it because it is so contrary to our everyday life.

2. YOGA FLOW -> This is also a very mindful way to practice yoga. We will have time to arrive on our mats, leave everything outside and start. We will focus on stretches, dynamic in a flow but also static in postures. It will include sun salutations and also strength parts where we focus on our core stability. Then we will have time to cool down and very important: Shavasana :-)

My style of teaching is flexible, depending on my group. In my Yoga Sessions I will be calmer, but precisely and clear with my announcements. I also like the interaction in my teachings. In Yoga, I'd put that to the end of a class. Participants can give me feedback but also express wishes every now and then. I want to make them feel as comfortable as I can.

Qualifications & Experience

I studied Sports Science (Bachelor of Arts, graduated in 2016). I worked as a Trainer in various gyms and now I am self-employed as a personal trainer, nutrition coach and yoga teacher. I started my own business in September 2019 and worked/work with a lot of different people and groups. I teach CrossFit Classes, different whole body workout classes and will now also start teaching yoga. I have a Master of Science in Sports management (graduated in June 2020) and finished my 200h Yoga Teacher in December 2020.


Learning The Calm Yin Yoga Style

Focus on and centre yourself to strengthen your basic energy, feel calmer and balanced.