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Philosophy Lecturer and Seminar Leader
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Are we all hallucinating accurately all the time? I can prove we are...

Philosophy of Mind: This course goes over the time-spread argument in favour of indirect realism.

Philosophy of Personal Identity: what makes you the same person through time?

We will go through several thought experiments about identity and then apply these to the Philosophy of Personal Identity.

How to set up and run a charity from scratch and fundraise

We will go over the basics of how to set up a start a charity from scratch - including fundraising.

Balloon Modelling - the basics

Starting with the basic principles and learning at least 4 balloon models by the end of the course

Private Tuition with Pete

Philosophy Private Tuition - private invite only

6 Nations Rugby Chat for Charity

Informal discussion group gathering to chat about the 6 nations rugby games this weekend

Cricket Chat - India Tests 2021 - Charity Fundraiser

Informal gathering to discuss each Test Match between India and England this winter 2021