Dr. Peter King

Philosopher, Juggler, Balloon Modeller, Charity Manager

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Joined August 2020

My Teacher Intro

A man of many talents I have had an unusual career path and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

PHILOSOPHY - I love teaching intro philosophy seminars and have collected my favourite two here with loads of really fun and thought-provoking thought experiments. The hallucination course is all about mind and perception and how direct our contact with the outside world is.

CHARITY - My setting up a Charity and Fundraising course will go over the basics of how to get started with creating and running a charity. Looking at what types of charities there are and the different ways of managing them and fundraising.

BALLOON MODELLING - You can learn some really fun basic balloon models on my balloon modelling course.

TEAM BUILDING - You can also book the Balloon Modelling activity and 3 ball juggling as a Team Building Session. So please check out my FREE 30mins intro courses, or book onto my longer paid course and get in touch if you have any questions.

Qualifications & Experience

I have a PhD in Philosophy and specialised in Imagination, Visual Imagery, Mind and Perception.

I was a professional freelance circus entertainer for 10 years and have lots of different skills in this area. But balloon modelling and juggling were always my favourites.

And I currently manage a small charity: www.pwb.ngo


FREE: Philosophy- Are You Hallucinating Now?

Philosophy of Mind INTRO: This course goes over the time-spread argument for indirect realism.

FREE: Philosophy of Personal Identity INTRO

What makes you the same person over time? Several options explored after laying some groundwork!

FREE: Set Up a Charity And Fundraise

We will go over the basics of how to set up and start a charity from scratch - including fundraising.

FREE: Balloon Modelling Intro - the Basics

Starting with the basic principles and learning at least 2 basic balloon models by the end of the session

Private Tuition with Pete

Private invite only do not book unless invited

Balloon Modelling - Remote Team Building

This is a short introduction to balloon modelling where your team will learn 3 basic balloon models in teams.

3 Ball Juggling - Remote Team Building Workshop

This is a short introduction to 3 ball juggling where you and your team will learn 3 basic juggling tricks in teams with comedy judging to promote team bonding and socialising.

FREE Balloon Modelling Team Building TASTER

This is meant as a taster session for any managers thinking of booking this Team Building Workshop for their team.

FREE 3 Ball Juggling - Team Building TASTER

Free taster session if you are a manager wanting to book the full course for your team as a fun online team building activity.


Remote team social with quiz master and prizes

Christmas Balloon Models - Absolute Beginners

Make a few basic Christmas Balloon models that are fun and cheerful and impress everyone this Christmas

An Argument - for Fun & Charity (10mins)

You can have an argument with me and I will donate £5 to Charity if you win

Compliments for Wellbeing & Charity (5mins)

I will compliment you for 5 minutes - just for fun, but hopefully you will feel good afterwards and 50% goes to charity

Rant About Anything - for Charity (5mins)

Let's have a rant together about anything you want - get it off your chest & feel better & raise money for charity

Send a Fancy Dress Message to Friends/Family

I will read a fun message to anyone you want wearing fancy dress (several choices)

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