Ravi Mayar

TV Consultant, Celebrity Magician, Pickpocket, NLP Practitioner

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Joined October 2020

My Teacher Intro

British born, Canadian raised, now permanently living in the UK, Celebrity Personality Ravi Mayar has performed and taught his fantastic skills in close up Magic, Hypnotism and Pickpocket trickery to an array of people across 3 different continents for over 45 nationalities.

Ravi Mayar began into the world of magic when he decided to compliment his business career with magic, Pickpocket and hypnosis principles. He then soon learnt that he could switch this and use his business career to build his entertainment, consultant and trainer career.

Ravi’s style of training is interactive, personal and follow up. As a student of the “Train the Trainer” programme, Ravi is passionate about the diverse subjects he trains and compassionate about his students.
Ravi has worked with some of the greatest industry professionals in the world, being a long term loyal member, Ravi’s thoughts and comments are not only asked for but sought out for by many up-and-coming and established professionals to feature on their instructional DVDs.

Ravi has lectured at magic societies and clubs across the country and has been asked to bring his unique brand to the famous Magic Circle, U.K.

It's not only professionals that respect and enjoy Ravi’s brand; Ravi has performed in front of and even on some of the biggest celebrities across the world.

Ravi was hired in 2017 by the head of Dynamo’s magic consultants to be the pickpocket consultant for the remake of the Hollywood film “The Saint”

Ravi has had the pleasure of working behind the scenes for some of today’s up and coming superstars of magic Most recently Ravi was hired as the Consultant for Street Magician and YouTube star Ryan Tricks for his 6 one hour Street Magic TV series “Dirty Tricks”. Ravi worked alongside the Director from Dynamo’s street magic TV series “Magician Impossible”

Qualifications & Experience

Ravi Mayar began into the world of magic when he decided to compliment his business career with magic tricks, he then soon learnt that he could switch this and use his business career and experience to build his magic career. Ravi Mayar used his education, magic and dual-citizenship (Canadian and British) to mix, mingle and mystify some of the most prestigious people in the most distinguished locations, across the world.

Mayar Magic has developed an incredibly impressive talent of conversational hypnotism to the point where he can direct a person's perception of reality by locking their mind around his suggestions. He has curved his talent not to fall out of the confines of his professional integrity and is only ever used for the purpose of fun, entertainment and laughter.

As one of a handful of professional entertainment pickpockets in this country, these unique skills add a great amount of value to an already award-winning performance.
You can only watch in awe as you see your guest bewildered whilst Mayar Magic walks amongst these unsuspecting people, introducing himself as he slowly but surely removes their phones, wallets, watches and more!


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