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My Teacher Intro

Hello! I am a passionate Psychology teacher, having studied BSc Psychology and MSc Forensic Psychology. I have LOTS of academic and professional psychology experience - I have worked in the prison service and currently work in a Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit, and absolutely love it!
I LOVE to help others learn about topics that I love so much. I am a patient, fun-loving person and this is adapted into my teaching style. I always try to make things fun and interactive, and ensure that there is comprehension within the learning. I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams, because anything is possible.

I am SO excited about offering Psychology, Criminology and Law classes (all of these things are involved with my Forensic Psychology background). I particularly love learning about Offender Profiling, Mental Health and Criminality, Defences of Murder, False Confessions, Wrong convictions, and more! I would LOVE to teach in depth sessions into these areas, and debating different topics, such as the death penalty, wrong convictions. I also love to implement my knowledge into real life situations, so would use real examples to assist with learning and understanding, and how relevant the topics are in today’s society.

About me:
I am from Manchester in the United Kingdom, and graduated from The University of Derby, currently pursuing my dreams of being a Forensic Psychologist by completing my Masters at Coventry University.
I LOVE to travel, so far I have travelled to 26 countries, and lived in Australia for a year, and New Zealand for 6 months (on my own).

Qualifications & Experience

I have graduated with a BSc Psychology, and currently completing an MSc in Forensic Psychology and Crime. I have LOTS of academic experience within the Psychology field and achieved high grades (2:1), having further specialised in the Forensic Psychology sector. In 2020 I completed a TEFL to enable me to teach English as a foreign language, which I have enjoyed doing online during the pandemic!

Additional to my degrees, I have A-level (sixth form courses) in History and Law. I have a vast knowledge in both of these areas.


An Introduction to Psychology

This class will provide an overview of Psychology