Zsuzsanna Smith

Online Teacher Trainer, Course Clarity Consultant and Coffee Enthusiast

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Joined December 2020

My Teacher Intro

Hello, my name is Zsuzsanna (Susannah with a Hungarian swirl). I'm a Teacher Trainer and Course Clarity Consultant with a focus on Online Educational Experience Design.

Through my step-by-step courses and progress-oriented sessions, I am here to enable you to become an amazing online educator, build a stunning curriculum and create your high-converting course from scratch while making it all feel like playing with Lego together.

After 20 years, 17 countries, 2000+ students, 32 courses, and 956000 cups of coffee, I can confidently say that EVERYONE has a zone of genius and it's our job to decide what we want to do with ours in this new digital economy.

Perhaps we all want to finally do what we love and maybe some of us ALSO want a consistent flow of money coming into our bank account, and maybe we just want more freedom and spend more time with people we love.

And yes, I can help you with that. Whether you want to polish your online teaching skills, get more efficient at finding the right kind of students, or finally create that awesome online course, I am your gal!

When I'm not consulting or building courses, I can be found collecting broken seashells on the beach or geeking out on novel online tools while inventing new coffee flavors on the fly.

Qualifications & Experience

I am an experienced K-12 educator with a Bachelor’s (2004 Trinity College, USA) and Master’s degree (2006 ELTE University, Hungary) in Educational Science. I studied professional development and teaching methodologies and have 15+ years of experience teaching young children and teens, also have 10+ years of teacher training experience including mentoring teachers in groups and in 1:1 sessions, delivering workshops, planning & running annual conferences, designing training guidelines for teachers, instructional materials for parents and curriculum for learners.

I have a box full of certificates issued by The Helen Doron Educational Group (I worked with Helen Doron directly over the years). It was an organic part of my job at the company to help LearningStudio owners and solo teachers with recruitment and student retention strategies.

I'm a trained and certified Doula and a certified Birthlight Yoga Instructor, and an aromatherapy practitioner - and I'm a certified chocolate maker (yes, it's a real thing :-)).


Build & Teach Your Curriculum

This course will help you create your very own curriculum and lesson plans, regardless of your experience, expertise & education.

Booked Out With Students - Teaching Service Essentials

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