Arini Vlotman

I learnt from my mistakes, now I can teach you how to avoid yours!

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Joined July 2021

My Teacher Intro

I want to be paid to read, write and talk but since that's not possible (Yet), I've settled for something in the middle- life skills training and facilitation. In the classroom I get to interact with people from all walks of life, sharing what I've learnt, and helping people move forward in their lives, all while learning and developing constantly myself. I use my quirky sense of humor, story telling abilities and my ability to connect with people, to create an engaging learning space where any learner can thrive.

Life skills can range from anything to almost everything! What differentiates a manager from a leader? Or an effective performer from a Highly Effective performer? What makes it so easy to talk to and take advice from one person but not someone else? That's where learning the art of Life skills makes a difference. Knowing how to communicate well; be an active participant in all your engagements or just being present and listening to the conversations around you, can be the difference between a having a job or launching a career.

Here's where I come in: I can help you navigate and apply all these concepts, not just in your professional life, but in your personal life as well.
Outside of the formal learner and development space I am a Life Coach, writer and speaker.
I create training videos on various African, UK and American platforms and try my hardest to continue growing.

Qualifications & Experience

Having worked in various industries, I am passionate about upskilling learners using both my own experiences and formal training. Using humor and practical examples, my workshops and talks focus on development while providing a different perspective to the work space. I have two qualifications in Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices and I'm currently completing my third one.
As an accredited Life Skills Facilitator, I have been facilitating for a number of years, based on my previous experience as an SME in the life skills space. I am also a LMS Project Manager which encompasses LMS Design; instructional design and assessment methods for practical training.
In my 17 odd years in the Corporate world I've made many, many, many mistakes but I've learnt from them and I firmly believe in practical learning. Why let that go to waste?

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