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My Teacher Intro

Mo’s experience as an award-winning Sales Director has seen her lead global, diverse teams and become experienced in senior management up to PLC level. Mo was selected as one of 12 candidates for a Fast Track leadership scheme linked to Nottingham University business school, which developed her leadership skills and helped increase her knowledge in the diversity and inclusion space. She has a strong understanding of business functions, profit and loss, change management, and diversity and inclusion, with examples of many different employee engagement programs. She focuses on ensuring teams are inclusive environments where everyone can thrive.

Mo is a mentor for a charity that aims to encourage young people from underprivileged backgrounds to see the range of careers they can pursue. As a coach, Mo helps people develop their business skills and experience in order to pursue the careers they desire. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and coaches people to use their communications effectively. She is a Non-Exec Director, and a Charity Trustee focusing on diversity and inclusion.

Mo is also a writer – she writes business blogs and news features, and she is writing a business book and a fiction book. Mo is a regular speaker at conferences and events on a range of business subjects, specialising in diversity, inclusion, collaboration, and transformation topics to encourage organisations to reimagine how they work, lead teams, operate and communicate.

Qualifications & Experience

I help workplaces to create inclusive cultures where everyone can thrive. My experience as an award-winning Sales Director with a track record of success as Vice-President of Sales & Marketing helps me to motivate teams. I have led many change management and employee engagement programs across a range of sectors.

My work is varied and includes:

- Consultant Sales Director at Kiss The Fish working with a variety of businesses to lead, motivate and engage sales teams to succeed.
- Co-Creator at Watch This Sp_ce helping people to reimagine the world of work to include everyone.
- Non-Exec Director at Here – Care Unbound, a healthcare social enterprise in Sussex
- Trustee at The Clocktower Sanctuary charity

And I am a regular conference speaker, blog writer, podcast host on the Reimagination At Work podcast, and mentor for the Girls' Network charity.


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