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Learning should be fun & engaging

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My Teacher Intro

Students describe me as passionate, fun, engaging & inspirational. I use my life experience, skills, teaching qualifications & a positive attitude to introduce you to concepts which will enhance your life, increase your knowledge & most importantly, teach you something about yourself.

My courses, Intro. to psychology, mental health first aid, intro. to dementia, safeguarding, epilepsy, train the trainer, equality & diversity will leave you captivated & inspired. I've had the pleasure of working with substance misuse, addiction, the homeless & other vulnerable people, including those in prison and at risk, both as a speaker & trainer. I have a real passion for supporting learners who may not want to learn due to their negative experiences of education. As a motivational speaker I bring life into my lessons, a chance to look at learning in an innovative way.

I've spent 12 years looking at my life in the form of self- development, this journey took me to places where I had to really look deep, reflect & grow in order to survive, that's where my passion comes from.

I am a Samaritans listening volunteer, I'm a published book at The Human Library and an internal Verifier for Pearsons Edexcel. I love tai chi Qi Gong, reading & dancing. I currently run a training and motivational speaking company called Qui Solutions. Please feel free to check me out at

Qualifications & Experience

In brief, my background was initially psychology, I worked as a psychologist in schools for 2 years before I became interested in lecturing and completed a PGCE at Greenwich University (I already had a degree in Education Social Work) during the evening, while studying I was offered various teaching hours which became full-time by the end of my course.

I left teaching to become a Development Manager for an NHS Healthcare Trust, which enabled me to enhance my practical knowledge in Health & Social Care before returning to lecturing at the College of NE London for 6 years, I obtained my Masters and was promoted to Curriculum Manager giving me the opportunity to write courses, manage the teaching team and assess / verify.

Over the last 12 years I have been a freelance trainer designing, marketing & facilitating courses and motivational speaking; my clients include The Priory, The Good Care Group and over a dozen schools and college, I have attended and facilitated INSET for teachers, provided motivational speaking in primary and secondary schools and created online learning content to organisations wanting remote learning and development.


Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

This course will teach you inclusive leadership & how to create a company culture of appreciation of difference.

Introduction to Psychology

Are you intrigued by human behaviour, the mind & thought processes; why people do the things they do?

Let's Talk about Suicide & Self-harm

This course will enable you to support friends and family members who are self-harming or suicidal & those at risk.

Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Awareness

This course is specifically designed to support those who want to increase their knowledge & awareness of dementia.