Payal Motla

Self Employed Finance Professional & Financial Trainer

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Joined June 2021

My Teacher Intro

Hi, This is Payal here. I have been in the field of Finance for almost 8 plus years. So would like to conduct workshops and seminars on the same. Also, I would like to explore some self-help topics to be covered by me which I personally have experienced in my journey of life. I have been an explorer at heart trying to continuously improve myself by working upon myself for becoming a better version of myself. We all know that life itself is the greatest teacher we have and when one learns from the mistakes as well happenings of life, it just adds value to the other person. I normally have a discussion style of teaching so even students point of view is heard and exchange of knowledge takes place. I generally make my classes more relatable to daily life experiences as well as something which is beyond just bookish knowledge which actually helps in better learning outcomes. Apart from Financial Training, I also like to engage myself in reading books, Intermittent Fasting, and health practices that help one to improve himself/ herself.

Qualifications & Experience

Hi, I have completed my Level 2 (PCE) of Chartered Accountancy. Its been 8 years in the field of Finance. Out of these 3 years, I have been practicing as a Self Employed Financial Consultant. I have off lately started taking up Financial Training Assignments and projects as well. I have been regularly conducting workshops and seminars on Personal Finance and Taxation( Indian Laws) on various Live Streaming Platforms.


How to Manage your Personal Finance

Hi In this class we will be knowing everything about personal financial concepts, its implementation etc.

Cash Flow Statements

A complete guide to understand how to read cash flow statements

Introduction to various Accounting Terms

Various Accounting Terms used in Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement i.e Financial Statements would be taught.