You CAN design your own visuals for social media - here, let me show you!

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My Teacher Intro

* Does the idea of designing your own visuals for social media scare you half to death? It doesn't have to you know.

* Canva brings us an online drag and drop design tool to help you be your own best designer.

* Are you already familiar with Canva but not quite sure how to leverage the platform to your personal style? Let me show you how to build your own brand online and save it for easy change as you grow.

* Do you want to learn new techniques to wow your audience with visual content?

- Then I am your Canva guru ☺ ... a former Executive Assistant turned online business owner. Starting out as a generalist virtual assistant, and growing into a creative designer loving the platform called Canva

Today my mission is to help business owners stand out on social media with authentic & eye-catching visual content.

Many people are changing the way they look at social media visual content design. The realisation is there that to stand out, you must be visible.

This is where I come in, having helped so many business owners to be visible on social media with authentic design providing their feeds with a new lease on life.

Building a strong social media following starts with creating content that speaks to the people who matter, your audience.

Sharing valuable content is the start to creating traffic through your virtual office door. Let’s give them a loving shove with visual content that stops the scroll.

Connect with me here and allow me to tell you more about the creative design I so love.

I know I can help you!

Qualifications & Experience

My mission is to help business owners stand out on social media with authentic & eye-catching visual content.

With so much visual “noise” taking place on social media lately it becomes difficult to be "heard". In order to stop the scroll, you have to ensure that your audience stops and takes notice of your visual content.

Whether you decide to design your visuals yourself or hire a professional - standing out in a sea of visual content is the aim!

Each creatively designed visual must have the potential to engage your audience by stopping them and having them interact with you right there and then.

With my easy-to-follow way of teaching Canva design and my absolute love and enthusiasm for the platform, I can guarantee you forward movement and higher visibility.


Canva 101 - A Beginner's Canva Design Course

This masterclass will teach you all you need to know about starting out in Canva on the free version