LEARNED.LIVE - Refund Policy

It will be the teacher's responsibility (not ours) to refund any fees to you (although this may be done by us on their behalf, acting as their agent).

You will be entitled to a refund of fees in the following circumstances:

If in any other circumstances we receive a request for a refund from you, we will contact the teacher to discuss the matter with them and to try and resolve it.

You acknowledge and agree that any claim for a refund of fees paid is between you and the teacher, and not between you and us, although we will use our reasonable endeavors to assist in resolving any dispute between you and the teacher with regard to a refund.

Please note that, when processing payment or repayment of fees, we act only as agent for the teacher, and not on your behalf.

Please see our full Terms of Use for further details.

If you have any further enquiries please Contact Us.